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a one year warranty, and we guarante tag heuer carrera replica watchese excellent customer service. Check us out at to I'm Madison, and today we're going to be showing you Audemars Piguet's royal oak double balance wheel openworked. The reference number on this is 15407ST.00.1220ST.01. Now, this watch comes in several different metals. As yo watch copies replica watchesu can see, this one is the stainless steel. It uses the royal oak 41 millimeter octagonal case. So that's 41 millimeters between where my pointer finger is here and where my thumb is right here, and it is 10 millimeters thick, or in height. So that's 10 millimeters between where my thumb is on the case back and where my pointer finger is here, which means that it will fit nicely underneath your shirt cuff. But it's got some substantial heft to it. It has a glare-proof sapphire scratch resistant crystal, as well as its case back has that as well where my finger is pointing behind here. It features a screw-locked crown right here. And that allows it to get sealed tight enough to be water resistant to 50 meters. Now, if we take a look at the bracelet. I know it's a little bit difficult to see because of the factory stickers here, but we can see that the bracelet is also stainless steel and made u fake rolex vancouverp of these flat links all the way leading up to this folding AP deployment. You can see it a little bit better here. Now, if we take a closer look at the dial. Whoops, right side up. We can see the slate gray openworked.

For the Rolex Submariner we have the unidirectional, rotatable, 60 minute graduated, scratch-resistant cerachrom which is Rolex's fancy way of saying it's a ceramic bezel. The numerals and the indences are coated in a platinum to give it a nice sort of grayish, gray metallic color to match with the casing. For the Oyster Perpetual, nice slim, sleek, just high-polish bezel that's very nice shine, very nice reflectability of light on it. best replica watches So it's really up to preference. Okay? For the case sizes, we're looking at a little bit different case sizes. Not too major. We're looking at a 40 millimeter case, so from my index finger to my thumb here, that's a 40 millimeter case for the Submariner, whereas the Oyster Perpetual, index finger to my thumb, we're looking at a 39 millimeter case. So only one millimeter of difference. One thing to note is the thickness of each watch, as you can see. Submariner being a little bit larger.

That's actually commanded by the movement. The movement in the Submariner is gonna have to be slightly a little bit larger as additional complication for the date. Okay, and we'll talk more about that later. So moving on to the crown now. The Submariner, much thicker crown, has this as more of a sports piece. We have a nice crown guard to protect the crown whereas the Oyster Perpetual, more of a dressier watch, as noted by the nice high-polish bezel. We have the crown here a little bit slimmer as well to match the case. For the functions of the crown, very simple functions. For the Submariner we're looking at a screw down, trip-lock waterproofing the system and that waterproof in the system helps give the Submariner a water resistance of 300 meters or 1000 feet and the simple functions of the crown in this current position, this function will allow you to wind the watch from a desktop. About 20 times is all you need to get the watch going once more. And in next position you're allowed to adjust the date instantaneously as shown. And in the final position will stop the second hand for precise time setting and also allow you to set steve mcqueen watch monaco replica the time however you like. So the stopping the second hand, as I said, for precise time setting lets you adjust to an atomic clock online, down to exact seconds.

Three different functions. We got the winding, the changing of the date, and the setting of watch china replica the time for the crown for the Submariner. For the Oyster Perpetual, this one is a double waterproof in the system. We're looking at a water resistance of 100 meters or 330 feet. So the Submariner, as it is a professional diver's watch, has over three times the water resistance of this watch, but this watch is more for casual wear or everyday wear as well. So what we have here is a twin lock and double lock waterproofing the system. Same thing. We have winding in the first position here with the crown. So for tugging of the crown will only allow for the next function which is being able to set the time. Same thing with the stopping of the second hand for precise time setting.

Okay. Always make sure, doesn't matter what the watch is, make sure you screw the crown down nicely tight against the case as you wanna keep your watches water resistant and you know, obviously, you don't want the crown sticking out because you might damage the crown. Okay? So let's go ahead and compare the bracelets now. Here are the bracelets of the watch. Both of them nice oyster bracelets. Nicely sand fake rolex vegas finished. The same can be said on the other side of the bracelets, as well. Nicely sand finished three piece links. For the clasp, we have different clasps as they actually serve different functions. So on my left here, once again, the Submariner's. As it is a sport's watch it has a safety lock and the folding oyster, whereas the Oyster Perpetual, nice everyday where, just simple folding oyster. Very simple. However, both of them do have nicely, high-polished clasps of blades. As you can see, with the Rolex name embossed onto that high polish, as well. For the clasp functions, the Submariner has one more additional function over the Oyster Perpetual. So here I have the Submariner in my hand.

Pulling at a 45 degree angle will actually allow you to adjust the bracelets against these little rivets in the back of the clasp here. Let me go ahead and move this out of the way so you can take a closer look. So these little rivets here are two millimeter increments for a total of 20 millimeters. You can adjust the bracelet for ease of access. Of course this was made for divers in mind, so you know, they can adjust the bracelet on the fly when you put on a wetsuit and you can easily adjust it on. It's also another nice feature for if you're looking to get the Submariner as a gift for somebody, they can adjust the bracelet very simply, very easily. Where they would, instead of having to take it to a watcher, you could have a link removed, just so you can get the right size. Oyster Perpetual doesn't have that same function. It only has minor adjustments, and that can be shown by indentations on the side of the clasp, so you can actual use a little tool, as you can see replica watches from china little pins on the left and right here, you can actually use a little tool to adjust the bracelet inwards or outwards. Only five millimeter increments, so only five millimeters forwards or five millimeters backwards, okay? Alright, so let's go ahead and talk about the movements of the watch. So the Submariner here on my left.

Nice housing, nice oyster case backing. Same fake watches in los angeles thing with the Oyster Perpetual. Nice case backing, as well. So for the Submariner here on my left, the movement of the Submariner is a 3135 movement. It's a tried and tested movement for Rolex. 10 years of just durability, just absolute, precise timekeeping. It's a perpetual, mechanical, self-winding movement with the precision of minus two, plus two seconds a day. Has it's functions as a center hour, minute second hand. Instantaneous changing of the date for rapid setting and stopping the second hand for precise time setting as I've shown you with the crown functions. The oscillator is a paramagnetic, blue parachrome hairspring which adds additional resistance against magnetism for the watch and the power reserve of this watch is approximately 48 hours, meaning you can put this watch down a Friday evening, pick it back up on a Sunday afternoon, and it will be keeping time just fine.

The Oyster Perpetual actually uses a movement very similar to the Submariner. It uses a 3132 movement which is actually used in the Submariner that has no date on it, so that's why this has a slimmer case, opposed to the Submariner which has a thicker case. So it has less complications, which is the date window. This one is strictly for pure timekeeping. We're looking at a perpetual mechanical self-winding movement as well. As I said a caliber of 3132 movement used in the 114060. Yeah, the 114060. The functions of the movement is just like I said, purely just timekeeping for the hour, minute, and seconds hand. And stopping of the seconds for precise time setting. Same oscillator, we're looking at a paramagnetic blue parachrome hairspring, however this one actually has one additional thing and that's the high-performing paraflex shock absorbers, which Rolex claims will absorb 50% more shocks than the industry center, which is the KIF shock absorbers. The power reserve, same as the Submariner, 48 hours. So you can put this watch down Friday evening, pick it back up on a Sunday evening, keeping time just fine.

So let me actual go ahead and show you these watches on my wrist now. Once again, with the Submariner, safety lock, open this up. I do have fake rolex near me to adjust that glide lock to the furthest back. As you can see, nice easy way to adjust on the fly. Bam. So there's the Submariner on the wrist. Nice profile, as well. And here's the Oyster Perpetual. That opens up very nicely. Nice and easy. And there's the Oyster Perpetual on my wrist. So if you are interested in these models or any of the models for the lowest possible price, check out our website, They're the lowest prices guaranteed. We offer a one year warranty and if you like the blog please like, comment, subscribe, as well. Thanks for read. Hope to see you guys soon. - [Man] If you want to find out more about the watch you just tiffany atlas watch replica saw in the blog, you can just click below on show more to see the full description, then you can check the link next replica watch bvlgari to "model as seen in blog." Click on it and you will get to the proper page where you can see all the details. If you're read on a mobile phone, you have to click on the arrow down on the right-hand side below the blog to see the full description. If you like this blog, please give us a thumb's up. If you would like to share this blog with your friends, you can use the share button below and share it on any platform you like. If you have questions, constructive feedback, wanna tell us about some mistakes or misspeaks, just write a comment below.

If you want to see more blogs like this, you should subscribe to our channel and visit our channel page where you can find all the blogs and if you're interested in a specific watch brand, you can check out our playlists. If you want to check the price for a watch or wanna buy one, remember at you always get a steep discount, so you should check the prices with us. If you want to know the price for a specific watch just go to Google, type in Replica Magic plus the brand, model, and the details you're interested in, and Google will find the right page f Best Replica Watch Site 2019 or you. Thank you for read.We built a home and a life for our family, but hard financial times threatened to take it all away. I didn't want to go to some low rent pawn shop for a loan. That's when a friend of mine told me about Chapes-JPL. Their offices are professionally located, which makes me feel safe bringing in my valuable assets. Plus, their payouts and rates are much better than the average pawn shop. I got best replica watches in the world the cash I needed in 20 minutes. Take your life back with Chapes. Located in Atlanta, GAHi my name is Elias welcome back to ItsHot.

I have a little tutorial blog for you guys today. I’m going to walk you through how to remove a link from your watch. I’m going to take you through it step by step and show you what tools you’re going to need. Okay so step one I’m going to turn it over so you guys can see, you the little screws, you’re going to want to hit the side that appears empty or hollow, as you can on some of these links here the screw is appearing, poking out, you don’t want to hit that side. The side you want to hit is the side that appears empty or hollow. Okay so here I have my holder, my hammer and my screwdriver. Now im going to gently place the watch right there, and them I’m going to use this device, any of these tools come with a standard watch repair kit. Very cheap, highly recommend you do this with a repair kit as you don’t want to damage your watch in anyway. Should be enough, now you take it out. As you bring the watch up you’ll see the pin at the bottom. Just remove it. And then, boom that’s it. It’s really that simple. So as you can see it’s a simple process it’s not overwhelming. Once you’re at this step you can remove as many as you need. And for reattaching it’s the same thing, simple as well. You take the pin, you stick it in so it doesn’t go past the first link. Reattach it like so.

And hammer it back down. And voila. Reattached. Ok guys as you can see it’s not an overwhelming process it can be done by anybody at home. I will say please purchase a watch repair kit. You need these tools to be able to do this without damaging your watch. So as always thank you for read and we hope to see you soon.Hi there, let's take a look at this watch This is a watch from watch band "Jaragar" and I bought it from ebay for around 15 dollars. This watch looks like the "Hublot Classic Fusion". It's not a replica in the sense that it has the logos and stuff, but apart from that, it's more or less a copy. This color configuration is the only choice you have for this model from replica rolex oyster perpetual the Jaragar brand. It has a black dial with silver indicators, and a stainless steel case. It has an open back so you can see the movement in there. It has a "chinese standard movement", which features automatic winding, using the rotor that you can see in there and a date indicator Also, being a mechanical watch, it has a sweeping second hand. The watch band is a rubberish watch band that is connected to the watch case in a different way than is normally done. The buckle that was on there, is this stainless steel buckle I changed it over to this buckle because I didn't like this buckle much.

The dimentions of this watch are: 46mm wide, 40 mm thick And it weighs 98 grams. How does this watch work? The crown has 3 modes. When it's in the default mode, if you rotate it clockwise, it winds up. If you pull it once, it goes into date setting mode If you rotate it counter-clockwise you can change the date. If you pull it a second time, it goes into time changing mode. And you have to rotate it clockwise to change the time. What do Ithink of this watch? This watch looks like the Hublot Classic Fusion and I like the style of that watch a lot. It has a clean dial which makes reading the time and the date easy. The movement in here is the "chinese standard movement" This is an "ok" movement, it might make or loose one or two minutes a day but I'm fine with it. If you are not going to wear this watch every day, It's going to stop ticking after one or two days anyways and you have to set the time, when you start wearing it again. So, if you're not wearing it too often u boat replica watches You won't notice that it makes or looses some time. I don't like the watch band of this watch a lot. It's too thick and I can't wear it comfortably around my wrist. Because of the way it is connected to the watch case, It's hard to find another watch band for this watch. I also think it's too thik and too stiff.

The buckle of this watch band, Ithink it was no good. So, this pin should fit in the holes of the watch band But the pin is too big, or the holes are too small. That's why I chanted it over to a different buckle. So this is a butterfly buckle and it looks a bit like the ones the hublot watches have. This is a butterfly buckle that has the exess of the watch band on the inside. There are also butterfly buckles that replica patek philippe watch have the exess on the outside. For example: this one. I bought this one from ebay for around 3 dollars, And I bought this one from ebay for around 7 dollars. Would I recommend buing this watch? If you like the hublot style watches and want a watch that looks like this on the cheap, Iwould recommend buying it. It looks nice and it works fine. If you are however looking for a watch, that has a mechanical movement and that just looks nice, I would recommend buying another watch that fits more comfortably around the wrist.

Alright guys, so, many people have requested from me to show my watch collection and I figured it's about time I give you guys a sneak peak to some of the watches that I own. So let's get this started... For the first watch, AP Safari. Now, let me tell you something about this piece. This is a special piece to me. And the reason because it was the first AP that I ever owned and it was a major battle fought to get this watch. It was not easy. It was a lot of money at the time for me, and I have right now here on a bracelet, but I also own the deployant clasp, along with the rubber and leather straps, so I pretty much got the full set with this one. Alright, now I'm gonna show you another one of my favorite watches in stainless Rolex Batman, also known as the BLNR. You know, maybe I'll say some crazy things about this watch. This is a special watch for me to, because I feel like it's one of those watches that I get a lot of use out of, when I don't wanna wear an overly expensive stainless steel watch. This piece seems to do it. You's something different and it's a watch I take on vacati best cheap replica watcheson a lot. Alright, now we're gonna go over to this Hublot Big Bang. I don't know what's happened, you know? Things happen. Somehow I ended up with this watch. At one moment I thought it was something special and now it's not. It's kind of like an old girlfriend, you know what I mean? It's one of th king-replica watchesose things. It's kind of just keep it buried down there.

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